We will make efforts to improve systematic quality management and service.


  • Manufacture of soft contact lenses

    We strive for a systematic manufacturing system with research equipment and experimental systems to develop products that are satisfactory to everyone.

  • distribution sale

    We are expanding our active distribution and sales activities at home and abroad.

Product development process

  • OEM | Custom-made trademark production

    It is a method of developing the right product that the customer needs, receiving the desired design, and requesting the customer's trademark to deliver the finished product.

  • ODM | Manufacturer's design and production method

    Based on the technologies and know-how possessed by DK Medivision Co., Ltd., it is a total service method that is responsible for the entire process from design development to delivery.

  • OBM | One's own brand production way

    It is expanding by launching DK Medivision's brand Lensgraphy, and even providing brand consulting services.

  • R&D

    • Development of new materials

      Material Development Research Institute, Mold development research institute newly established and operated(2017.10).

    • systematic research system

      Systematic quality management and product development with state-of-the-art research equipment and experimental systems

    • technical cooperation

      Innovation of automation technology with major partners in R&D technology innovation with the parent company Dongkuk Pharmaceutical Central Research Institute (vision inspection, automatic glue, etc.)